Archeological objects and sites, mural paintings and temples were the sources of his inspiration. The other source was his own inner-self, stimulated by the present state of the world. These inspired him to draw many quick sketches. He poured all his inspiration and skills into these sketches.

Sketch 1


Sketch 2

After making enough sketch to grasp the meaning of the various movements and colors, he collected the sketches altogether until he had enough concentration to enlarge them into a full sized work. When he had a clear idea he presented it. He would beginto put the picture on canvas. It was an expression similar to an abstraction, full of colors and movement. When the picture was in place, he stopped. He took about half an hour to express his real feeling. After that his emotion calmed. He collected himself, considering what he would draw, slowly expressing the classic Thai feeling. He took the movement of Thai painting and put it into a perfect and uniquely expressive picture.

"วิถีแห่งโลก" 2540

"The Way of The World" 1997

His method is not merely to enlarge the sketch, but also to gather all the feelings in a gestation period, and then to put them quickly onto the canvas. Thus, the first expression is important. Then he would complete the sketch neatly in his unique form of traditional Thai art. His preferred period working is at night, after 10 p.m. everyday ,he rarely takes a holiday. He makes two or three sketches at a time, taking about a month to bring each one to completion.